Tuesday, December 13, 2016

“EXPANDING GLOBAL HEARTS: Global Coherence Initiative”

From the Desk of Mrs. Tracy!!!

The GCI Mission - www.heartmath.org/gci

The Global Coherence Initiative is an international effort that seeks to help activate the heart of humanity and promote peace, harmony and a shift in global consciousness. GCI conducts groundbreaking research on the interconnection between humanity and Earth’s magnetic fields and energetic systems.

GCI’s Commitment to Global Solutions

People are experiencing increasing restlessness, energy drain and overwhelm. Now scientists are studying how resonant frequencies in Earth’s magnetic field influence human health and behavior by analyzing data from GCI’s global network of magnetometers.

Scientists know Earth’s resonant frequencies approximate those of the brain, heart and autonomic nervous system, and studies show surprising relationships between health and behavior and solar and geomagnetic activity. Findings support GCI’s hypothesis that Earth’s magnetic field carries important biological information linking living systems.

GCI is helping people realize the interrelation of these forces and the ever-deepening resonance and nurturing of spirit precipitated by coherent heart-based human connections. GCI seeks to demonstrate that increasing heart connections will lead to intuitive solutions for global challenges and transformation of our world and consciousness.

To Enter:

Click on the link below, click on “guest” in the bottom, rt corner and browse, join, discover!

Thursday, December 1, 2016


From Mrs. Tracy's Desk...

I hope that all of you have had an incredible Thanksgiving celebration! As we move into December, please let me know if I can help you/your child in any way. Here are a few bits of exciting news:

1.       Friendship Groups are kicking off this week in Lower EL and next week in Upper EL! Yay! I will start groups by sharing my role, talking about what he/she can do if/when they are struggling with emotions, who they can talk to and what that looks like in the classroom. We will also talk about promoting “Peace & Kindness” within our classrooms and in our community.

Friendship Groups in Room 107

Today Mrs. Tracy joined us in the classroom for Friendship Group! Mrs. Tracy and the children talked about what peace looked like and how they could be peaceful.

Friendship Groups provide a safe setting where children increase their:
1) self-awareness
2) cooperation and communication skills,
3) ability to have fun with peers.

Children learn from each other and help each other. Ultimately, the goal of our Elementary Friendship Group is to PREVENT problems in the future by teaching children new skills.

Friendship Groups in Room 106

Giving Thanks

2.       As part of giving thanks and encouraging kindness/peace, over dinner, come up with three ways, you (as a family) can make a difference for others in need! Once you have all of your ideas, choose one and get excited to do it together! Here are a few ideas:
-Clean out and donate toys, books, clothes

-Call or donate to our (wonderful!) Center for the Homeless! You can see a list of their “needs” on their website. Or if you’re interested in volunteering, as a family, contact them directly!

-Research an organization that’s important to your family and donate time or money (volunteer at an animal shelter, donate to your favorite cause) etc.

-If you celebrate with presents this month, ask your child/children to choose 1 item to donate for every 2 items or 4 items on his/her wish list. Get them involved and excited to help others!

3.       Looking for ways to become more “Montessori” aware…at home? Check out this fun, resource!

4.       Mindful Montessori:

5.       Mindful & Montessori gift ideas for our family:

Tuesday, October 4, 2016


Our student support programs have kicked off over the last few weeks, and we are already hearing/observing such positive, success stories with our students. Wonderful! In case, you haven’t heard, we have the following programs running and available for our students who may need some additional support. If you have any questions, please contact me at etracy@tma-el.org.


At Montessori Academy Edison Lakes, the social emotional well-being of our students, is of primary importance. For that reason, we have invested in a phenomenal program called HeartMath. The program, developed by the HeartMath Institute, is a tried-and-true, research-based approach to lowering stress and anxiety through deep breathing for our students in Upper Elementary and Junior High. We kicked off this program in the fall of 2015 and have seen amazing results!http://www.heartmath.com/


We are fortunate, in that, as a Montessori Community, mindfulness is already part of our philosophy and thereby, embedded into our practices. For our younger students, Early Childhood-Lower Elementary, our “Walking the Line” work and “Peace Corner” environments (for example) are set up to allow our students, to refocus, pay attention to their body, pay attention to their emotions and take some time for themselves. We will continue to incorporate yoga, stretching, works, peace time and breathing time for a break to center and regroup.

This is a great link, that allows us to remember, the importance of slowing down, allowing our students and ourselves, to take a moment to “Just Breathe”.. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RVA2N6tX2cg

A beautiful, song, done by a Montessori School: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5Vnr30jYQQ4&sns=em

Friendship Groups:

Montessori Academy Edison Lakes also offers “Friendship Groups” rotating throughout Lower and Upper Elementary and taught by myself, Erin Tracy. These groups are guided lessons on social and emotional skills for our students. Students work on character building lessons, the “power” of kindness, conflict resolution, identifying their own feelings and the feelings of others. It is a program that is embedded into the curriculum, as a means of guiding our students along the social emotional path, as they develop into unique individuals. At the foundation of who we are, at Montessori Academy, is a belief in the importance of “connectedness”. Please feel free to reach out to me or teachers, should you have any questions or concerns.


We are thrilled to introduce the optional service for those students requiring speech support/remediation. The program is called “Tiny Eye” and it is based online. An accredited speech pathologist logs in and works with our students, based on their goals. It has incredible reviews and we are so happy to offer this as an option for our students. Please contact me with further questions.https://www.tinyeye.com/

Read Naturally

We are now offering a research-based, online reading intervention program, called Read Naturally. Read Naturally is a reading intervention program, which targets fluency, vocabulary, comprehension and assessments in reading, for those students in the 25% or below in reading skills. To learn more about this program, please see the link below or contact me with further questions:  https://readnaturally.com/

Monday, August 22, 2016

Welcome Back Montessori Parents & Families:

I am thrilled to kick off our school year with this blog! I will post tips, "Family Fun" ideas for the weekend, Montessori articles and ways to incorporate Mindfulness into your life, as a family! Please feel free to reach out and contact me via email or phone should you have any questions or feedback!

Tips on "Back to School":
Getting back into routine, can sometimes be a bit challenging for everyone. Therefore, start setting your up your routines now, but recognize that it may take a few weeks to get back into the routine of school (early bed, early up, meals, homework etc). 

-Yoga: To help relax the family, before bed, do some basic stretches or yoga. I suggest doing this before bath or hour/so before bed. One of my favorites links for younger students is the following:

Yoga for Kids

-Activity: Each night at dinner or bedtime, have each family member share one KIND thing that each of you observed or participated in that day. 

-Sleep: Give yourself and your little ones plenty of rest, as you transition back to school.
-Nutrition: POWER UP: Make sure everyone is getting plenty of healthy protein and snacks!
-Reassurance: Never underestimate, how much our little ones miss the summer "family time"...be sure to pause for some family love and giggles to reassure your son/daughter plenty of FUN to have this school year together!!
-Communicate: If you notice your son/daughter is struggling to transition to the new year, please don't hesitate to contact me. I (we) am here for you. We believe in the team approach, so feel free to reach out and have a chat!

At Montessori, we are proud that we already embed basic "Mindfulness" exercises in what we do and in our curriculum. Mindfulness is proving to have incredible impact on our ability to focus, regulate our emotions and "tune in" to what is happening around us.



Mindfulness Video

Cheers to a new year!
Erin Tracy
Director of Education Student Services
(574) 256-5313 ext 216